Sound card V8,How to use V8 sound card,Sound card setting and connection instructions


If you don’t know how to use the V8 sound card after buying it. Or you don’t know how to use V8 sound card deeply. For example, use the V8 sound card to build your live studio and push the sound tracks separately.
Then this article should be helpful to you.


Control panel introduction

Four connection method

Single mobile phone live broadcast connection methodif your phone / tablet do not have a 3.5mm audio jack , pleaseuse an audio adapter cable.

Dual mobile phone live broadcast connection method

Mobile live / computer accompaniment connection methodhe accompaniment computer can be connected in 2 waysone way is to connect the charging port of the sound cardthrough the charging cable ; the other way is to connect thebacking track interface of the sound card through the accompanment cable

Computer live / accompaniment connection methodo live broadcast on a compute / laptop , you need to connect thecharging port of the sound card through the charging cablehe computer will automatically identify and install the soundcard drive

Computer settings

1 . Check if the sound card is connected to the computercorrectly
2 . Right-click the lower right corner of the speakerthen click open sound settings
3 . Click order


BT connection

1.Turn on bluetooth on mobile phone / tablet.
2.After the bluetooth deice v8 is detected, click v8 to connect.
3.Please note that bluetooth function only support connected devices asaccompaniment.


Technical parameter about V8 sound card

Channel system : Dual channel
Output samples : 48 KHZ
Sampling resolution : 16bit
Battery capacity : 1200MAH
Installation method : Externa
Multi-speaker mode : 2.0
Audio interface : 3.5mm interface
Charging : 5V / 1A