Folding microphone,What are the benefits of folding microphone,Function of folding microphone


What are the benefits of folding microphone?


The folding microphone have wide range adjustment,folding-save space-adjust microphone position freely.



When you want the microphone is placed in front of you, you can adjusted folding arm to the position of the front,clear human voice can be collected by the condenser microphone and the environmental noise can be reduced at the same time.


When you want to collect a wide range of sounds, you can adjusted folding arm to let the microphone placed above you,then the overall sound of the environment can be collected, while taking into account the voice of people and environment, making the video production more realistic.


What are the characteristics of this folding stand?

1.Built in damping tray, strong support and firm fixation.

2.Durable, can withstand more than 80,000 fold operations.

3.Lock lock is fixed, pulling is smooth and durable.

The folding microphone is very suitable for Webcast, video production, recording studio, online teaching and online face-to-face viewing and so on.

If you often appear in these scenes, then a folding microphone will be a very good choice for you.