Mobile phone bracket,How many types of mobile phone bracket are there?


How many types of mobile phone bracket are there?


Which mobile phone bracket is easy to use?

As people use mobile phones more and more frequently, the probability of cervical spine problems is also increasing. Choosing a suitable mobile phone bracket allows you to enjoy the fun of the Internet in the most comfortable way, and it is also good for the cervical spine.

Of course, the role of the mobile phone bracket is not limited to this, it is more used for the anchor to adjust the best live broadcast angle, in order to present the best live broadcast effect to the audience.

How to choose a mobile phone bracket?

① Look at the needs: Different types of brackets have different functions. First of all, look at where you want to use it.

② Look at the function: For the same type of mobile phone bracket, their functions are also very different. Take the live broadcast mobile phone bracket, some can be retractable or foldable, but some do not have this function.

③ Look at the material: The current mobile phone bracket are mostly made of plastic materials, which are the most cost-effective, and lightweight, convenient and practical. Some of mobile phone bracket are made of metal, is not easy to break, but its price is more expensive.

Recommend the following types of mobile phone bracket for your reference:

First one:

IMG_256 IMG_256

Recommended reason: This octopus mobile phone bracket is retractable, foldable, and can freely adjust the angle. It can be used for mobile phones and cameras, and meets humanized design standards.

Second one:

IMG_256 IMG_256

Recommended reason: This mobile phone bracket is a universal tripod holder that can be used for taking pictures and live broadcasting, and it can be retracted and rotated to adjust the angle. Its biggest highlight is the Bluetooth remote control, which allows you to free your hands and easily realize remote intelligent control.

IMG_256 IMG_256

Third one :

IMG_256 IMG_256

Recommended reason: It is a portable mobile phone bracket. It realizes the automatic face tracking function by connecting to Bluetooth. You can use it to shoot yourself, take a video, or live broadcast. Its stable base keeps it from shaking or shaking. Its 360 rotatable gimbal allows you to easily achieve live broadcasts from different angles, no matter whether it is horizontal or vertical.

IMG_256 IMG_256