Microphone for YouTube videos,As a user of YouTube videos, what recording equipment need?

As a user of YouTube videos, what recording equipment need?

At present, the most convenient and affordable solution is to use USB microphone.

Generally speaking, USB microphones are more suitable for computers or notebook devices,and the vocal dubbing and recording can achieve good recording effects for YouTube videos.

So what kind of condenser microphone is suitable for YouTube videos?

For example, the following recommended desktop USB microphone are very suitable for YouTube videos:

MK-F500(Desktop version)






This grade of microphone can provide excellent voice recording effects.

Moreover, these USB microphones can be used without a sound card, which is very convenient.

But sometimes when we are recording YouTube videos, sometimes you still need to adjust the position of the microphone, or you need better microphone sound quality for live broadcasting,you need a sound card,it’s depending on which type of YouTube videos you are recording.

At this time, you can buy a USB microphone with a microphone stand and sound card.

For example, the following types of folding microphones:




11 (1)

BM-800+V8 sound card/ BM-800+48V Phantom Power



If you feel that the microphone holder appears on the YouTube videos screen unsightly, you can place the microphone holder outside the screen. But now everyone doesn’t care too much, because good-looking microphones are actually better when placed in the YouTube videos screen.

This is slowly becoming a trend for YouTube videos.

So when you want to record YouTube videos, for non-professionals, use a computer for voice dubbing and considering the cost-effectiveness, the best choice is a condenser microphone with a USB interface.