Ring light effect,Why is this ring light so popular? What effect can it show us?


In the current age of news and information Internet, short videos have rapidly developed into everyone’s daily life. Ring beautification lights are also very popular in the Internet celebrity live broadcast industry. Basically, everyone must have a ring light.



So, why is this ring light so popular? What effect can it show us?

The reason is that all people can broadcast live broadcasts. As long as you dare to express yourself, live broadcasts are not difficult. During the live broadcast, the whitening effect, skin rejuvenation effect, big eye effect, face-lifting effect, etc. are all ring lights. Essential. Because the ring design of the ring light is balanced and soft, it shines the light on the face from various angles to achieve the effect of beautifying and brightening the skin.



The method of use is very simple, as long as the ring light is placed directly in front of the anchor, and then the phone is fixed, so that the effect of the shot is usually evenly exposed and the shadow and dark areas are less.

The ring light can also be placed elsewhere and used as an ordinary photography light, and the actual effect is also very good. You can also use other objects to cover the light of the ring light, to control its illumination range, or to add shadow effects. When you adjust the color temperature, brightness, angle and other parameters of the ring light, its light effect may be much better than ordinary photography lights.




The ring light can also be used as a supplementary light source. It can be used in combination with other photography lights, flashlights and other photography light sources to present the best results. As a supplementary light source, the ring light has a very good fill light effect. Compared with other supplementary light sources, the fill light effect of the ring light will be softer.

When the ring light is turned on, it is a bright ring. It has the characteristics of attracting the public’s attention and can be used as a frame composition tool. You can also put it behind the anchor to form a beautiful halo, so that the effect will be like a fairy going down the earth.