Sound card:What are the main functions of the sound card? What is a sound card?


What are the main functions of the sound card?

What is a sound card?

A sound card is also called an audio card. The most basic function of a sound card is to convert signals. Because all the information in the computer is stored and calculated in the computer through a binary algorithm.

The microphone generally realizes signal recognition through the physical vibration of the diaphragm. Therefore, a sound card is required to convert the sound source signal from the microphone, tape, etc., and output it to headphones, audio, tape recorders and other equipment.



So what are the classifications of sound cards?

The simplest way to classify sound cards is to divide sound cards into built-in sound cards and external sound cards.

Today I will introduce to you the external sound card:

The external sound card, as its name implies, is the sound card outside the computer case. This kind of sound card can be connected to a computer through USB and Firewire interfaces, integrated decoder and headphone amplifier and other related functions, the sound quality will be better than the built-in sound card. It is more used in professional recording or music production.



What is the main function of the sound card?

The sound card converts the signal. It is not a voice changer. The sound card cannot make your voice “good”. A professional sound card reduces the loss caused by signal conversion as much as possible, but the more realistic it is to record and play your voice.




The purpose of writing this article is to popularize the functions and functions of professional sound cards. The focus of recording sound cards is on real recording, while live sound cards emphasize the sound played out. So you still have to clarify your needs for this sound card, and use the correct sound card to really improve yourself.