Webcam Not Working Windows 10

Many people now use their computers and webcams to chat with friends and family, but some people often encounter Windows10 computers do not work, why?

Here are a few reasons I’ve compiled for you.

First, you want to make sure your camera is on and not covered.And it’s already connected to the computer.

The first reason might be that you haven’t opened the protective cover of your webcam, so make sure that the protective cover is removed, and secondly make sure that your webcam is connected to your computer.


The second reason may be that your computer does not allow the device to connect to your computer.So follow these steps:

  1. Open the start in the lower left corner of the computer,and click on the Settings icon.


  1. Click Privacy in Settings


  1. Click on the camera in the lower left corner


  1. Enable: Allows apps to access your camera


Finally, restart the camera again to check whether the camera can be used normally.

If it still doesn’t work, Please check if your computer is infected or if your anti-virus software is set up to block your camera.