Microphones in 2021,Best selling microphones in 2021

Now short videos are becoming more and more popular, such as game anchors, gourmet anchors, online K songs and so on. In the era of national live broadcast, a useful microphone is also very important. Today I will introduce a microphone that is very suitable for live broadcast.


Choose U-730 condenser microphone, the sound it records is more delicate and high in reproduction. It is a USB microphone. With it, you don’t need a sound card, no speech amplifier, and no mixer. Just plug it directly into the USB port of your computer or connect it to your mobile phone and you can use it directly. U-730 is a studio-quality microphone. It is not only a better choice for recording music, but also a better choice for broadcasting, dubbing and other work.


The sound is very clean, the density is good, and the recording of vocals is easy and reliable, and the tuning is also It is very flavorful, it is easy to record to a clean and tidy level, and the corresponding post-processing is also easier. Diaphragm design, condenser microphone, suitable for different types of sound sources, true all-rounder, whether you are in the recording studio, on the stage of a touring performance, or at home through the method of notebook computer and software to record and create, U-730 microphone Can be your helper.