Ring light photoshoot,How to use self timer ring lamp and the advantages of self timer ring lamp


For some knowledge about ring light photoshoot , first we need to know what is ring fill light.

It is a fill light installed at the front of the lens.  the ring flash light will be to form the main light source of the subject, and shine from the four sides of the subject to the subject, so that it can form a uniform lighting effect.

  1. The ring light can overcome the problem of fill light

First of all, we all know that it is not easy to use ordinary flash to assist shooting. When shooting, we need to think about it, and then balance the natural light and fill light. When the lens is too close to the subtle subject, it may block the light of the flash light, thus affecting the exposure of the subject. In addition, in the light environment with unbalanced exposure of portrait theme, it is difficult for us to take satisfactory photos, but the ring light can solve this problem. Its shape solves the problem of light block to a certain extent, and it also provides uniform lighting for the main body. As long as we use it correctly, we can make unique works

  1. Photoshoot advantages of ring light

1) It can make the light distribution more uniform and the details clearer

During macro shooting, the ring flash light can provide us with sufficient and uniform light, enable us to shoot with a high-speed shutter, and the details are very clear. When the photographer shoots, the closer he is to the main body, the clearer the effect will be, so that he will not miss some wonderful moments

2) Increase eye light

When photoshooting a portrait  with a ring lamp, the ring light  can add special ring light to the model’s eyes, which is similar to beautiful contact lenses. The eyes are bright, making him look more energetic and good-looking

So we can also make good pictures by making good use of the ring light.