Selection of Webcam for Game Streaming

Whether you’re a professional live gamer or just getting into video blogging, You definitely need a webcam for game streaming video sources as your tool.

Many laptops now have webcam built in, but it doesn’t have very high resolution.

So if you’re using your PC for gaming or streaming purposes, your PC probably doesn’t have a webcam unless you bought and installed it yourself.


There are a lot of webcams for gaming or streaming on the market for you to choose from, Today we’re going to teach you how to choose a good webcam for gaming or streaming.

First you need to know the resolution of the product, the pixels, frame rate,whether it is autofocus, whether it supports wide-angle mode and so on.


Frequently asked questions about webcam functionality:

Q:So what resolution?

A:The higher the resolution, the sharper the images and videos displayed.


Q:So what is frame rate?

A:Frame rate is the frequency (rate) at which bitmap images are continuously displayed on the display in units of frames.

The term also applies to film and video cameras, computer graphics and motion capture systems.

Frame rate can also be called frame frequency and is expressed in Hertz (Hz).


Next,this is the good webcam we recommend.



Model Number:q11


With 1920*1080P resolution, 30FPS frame rate, built-in microphone, 360-degree rotation, USB plug and wide compatibility, this webcam is a great choice for streaming webcams.


Model Number:q11

Max. Resolution:1920×1080

Auto Focus:Yes

Products Status:Stock

Image Sensor:CMOS

Interface Type:usb

Place of Origin:China

Product Name:

1080P Webcam

Interface:USB 3.0

Driver type:Drive-free(plug and play)

USB Line length:110cm

Focusing range:20mm-extreme

Fixed way:Clamp / 3.5mm nut interface


If you have any questions you would like to know, you can contact us and let our professional colleagues answer your questions.