live microphone online,Choose the right microphone according to your live broadcast environment.

 Nowadays, online live broadcast is very popular, but a good live broadcast effect is inseparable from a set of good live broadcast equipment. The microphone is one of the supporting live broadcast equipment, and the online microphone used for live broadcast is very important.


Condenser microphones use the principle of capacitor charging and discharging between conductors. Ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film is used as a vibrating film to induce sound pressure, which changes the static voltage between conductors and directly converts them into electrical energy signals, which are practically coupled through electronic circuits. The output impedance and sensitivity are designed.


Advantages: original sound reproduction, ultra-high sensitivity, instantaneous response, drop resistance and impact resistance, small size


Applicable scenarios: The environment is relatively quiet, and the requirements for the original sound are relatively high, such as live broadcast occasions such as singing and musical instrument performance


The more expensive the microphone is,not the better. Different microphones are suitable for different live broadcast scenes. Choose the right microphone according to your live broadcast environment.