Recording microphone for singing

In today’s era of short video and live streaming, many talented people’s congresses show their talents. Whether it is singing, digital science, food, tutorials, etc., there are excellent bloggers to stand out.


What kind of recording microphone is used for singing? Depends on what device your microphone is used on?

Microphones are usually used by mobile phones and computers.

cell phone:

Mobile phone microphones are divided into mobile phone Bluetooth microphones and mobile phone wired microphones.

Mobile Bluetooth Microphone: You can connect to sing songs within Bluetooth distance.

Mobile phone wired microphone: a data cable connection is required.


The commonly used microphones on the computer side are divided into USB microphones and Canon microphones.

USB microphone: As the name suggests, there is a USB port, which can be directly plugged into the computer, plug and play, and easy to use. Generally, there will be a built-in sound card, and an external sound card cannot be connected.

Canon Microphone: Generally, it is a three-pin Canon connector, which must be connected to a phantom power supply or an external sound card to be used for connection.