720p webcam VS 2mp,Let’s see the difference between 720P webcam VS 2mp?

Let’s see the difference between 720P webcam VS 2mp ?

720p webcam that the size of each frame of the video is 1080×720, which is equal to about 780,000 dynamic pixels, but its static pixels can be very large (for example, some digital cameras have only 780,000 dynamic pixels, but the static pixels can be as large as 1200 10,000 or more).

2mp refers to static pixels, and its dynamic pixels may also be very low (about 300,000). If you only use video calls, 720p webcan is better.


Because our video chats are like recording short videos. 720p webcam  has reached the level of high-definition shooting. Many DVs use 720p webcams, and the smooth performance of the other party can be clearly seen in the video.