2K webcam vs 1080P webcam

2K webcam vs 1080P


The difference between 2K webcam and 1080P :

  1. Different resolution

2K webcam display refers to a display device with 2K resolution.

1080P display refers to a display device that supports a resolution of 1920×1080.

  1. Different definitions

The 2K webcam display is different from the current mainstream resolution standard of 1080P. The 2K webcam display has a more prominent picture restoration capability and picture quality, which can show a high-quality picture closer to the original picture level and provide a high-quality visual experience. In the future, 2K webcam will gradually replace 1080P and become the most mainstream resolution standard for the next generation.

The 1080P monitor is different from the earlier monitors that can only support up to 720P resolution. The 1080P monitor can show high-quality images at the original level.

Kinscoter A8 this 2K webcam is 70% more than the current high-end and most popular 1080p. The display effect of text, pictures, and video must be more delicate, but the resolution ability of the human eye is limited.