Kinter Digital Power Amplifier K2024

Product information


Product Name:   K2024

Interface: RCA, 3.5-core, dc005, 4-bit clamp

Power output full channel: stereo 2x15w (4R load 1kHz, 1% distortion)

Dynamic power: 4R stereo 2x15w  8R stereo 2x7w

Thd + n (total harmonic distortion + noise): < 0.4%

Damping factor: > 40

Input sensitivity and impedance: 200mV / 47k-r

Rated RCA output level and impedance: 1V / 470r

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Tone control: 20Hz (low frequency) 20kHz (high frequency)



Function:   Volume adjustment, high and low tone adjustment, tone shielding function, aux

Speaker impedance: 4r-16r

Recommended Speaker: 4r-8r 30W

Frequency range:   20HZ-20KHZ

Operating voltage: DC   12V-13.5V

SNR: > 80dB

Power supply mode:   DC power supply

Output interface: 4-bit clamp

Line length:   AC power cord 1.5m /DC power cord 1m

texture of material:   aluminium alloy