720P webcam USB,How to choose a 720P USB webcam camera?

How to choose a 720P USB webcam camera?

See clarity. The higher the high-definition, the better the effect, but one thing to note is that the USB interface is generally better to choose the 2.0 and 3.0 versions.

The clarity of the camera:

First, high-definition. High-definition HD lens, equipped with USB data cable, integrated driver, no need to install the driver in the computer again. Plug and play, this is the convenience of the USB camera, and it is also the biggest selling point of the USB camera. Of course, the high-definition USB camera means that the price is not cheap, if there is no special camera requirements, the general lens can meet 80% of the demand.

Second, standard definition. The resolution of standard definition is generally 640*320, and the key is to look at the sensor effect of the lens. How many pixels can the HD effect of a small mini USB camera achieve? CCD lens, 640*320 resolution camera picture is very clear. SD does not mean that you cannot see it, but the exposure and image quality are different. If there is no special camera quality requirement, choosing SD is more cost-effective.