Sound card v8 karaoke,Which sound card is better to use when use the Karaoke function?

Which sound card is better to use when use the Karaoke function?

The V8 sound card is still good and very easy to use. During the live broadcast, many anchors often sing, so I bought this V8 sound card. When using Karaoke function, the V8 sound card is very clear and has no noise, and it is easy to debug and operate, It is not as complicated as imagined.


Especially when paired with MK-F500 or BM-800 microphone, the sensitivity is also good. Not only does it look good, but the material of the microphone is metallic. It is really very suitable to match with the V8 sound card. It is usually used for Karaoke and song recording. The effect can meet the psychological expectations of the public, because the sound modification effect is very good.

In the process of being used in Karaoke, the V8 sound card has 12 special effect sounds and multiple scene modes, which have a better sound processing effect.

In the main interface of V8 sound card, various switch buttons have the function of text marking buttons.


Microphone volume knob, turn more than half a turn when in use


Turn the reverb knob more than half a turn when in use


Switch button, when starting or closing, long press for more than three seconds to turn on or off


Rotate about half a circle between high and low, the recording is fully turned on, the music knob is turned on for a half turn, and the monitor knob is adjusted to the appropriate position according to your needs


Various cable sockets, accompaniment can be used with mobile phones or computers


Electronic tone and voice change need to be turned off by long pressing for three seconds, short press to switch effect


Select the line jack connection according to the way of live broadcast and accompaniment.


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