logitech 720p webcam review


If you are a webcam supplier or seller, or even a consumer, I believe you are no stranger to Logitech’s webcam. Logitech is a well-known supplier of cloud peripherals, and now has operations in more than 140 countries and regions around the world.
So what do users say about Logitech? Let’s use a 720p webcam as an example.
Some people think that the C920 is currently Logitech’s relatively high-ranking webcam product, which is completely sufficient for live broadcasts, and is also very suitable for business meetings. The live broadcast does not need to be too high frame rate, the common 720p and 1080 are sufficient.
With a foldable multi-purpose design, it can be clamped on different monitors, notebooks and tripods, and has a wide range of uses.
Others think that many ordinary cameras can also do it.
What brand of camera would you choose?