Mobile phone bracket fill light benefit

With the development of self-media, more and more people will shoot some videos and share beautiful photos on major platforms for sharing.


The flash of a camera or a mobile phone is a type of built-in flash, which generally has the problems of low power, low output light, and poor controllability. Especially in some scenes with insufficient light, such as night, if you want to take a selfie at this time, even if the manual mode of the mobile phone camera is to increase the IOS and slow down the shutter, there will be problems such as a lot of noise, unclear contours, and blurred images. At this time, you need a mobile phone bracket fill light to fill the light.

Mobile phone bracket fill light benefit:

First of all, its advantages are easy operation and good controllability-the brightness and color temperature of the light source are adjustable. The second is that the brightness of the light is sufficient-it can continue to emit light. The mobile phone can be placed on the stand and adjusted to a suitable position, which can solve the problems of shadows and uneven light exposure in different parts during selfies, and improve the quality of photo shooting. Not only are you limited to taking selfie photos, you can also take selfie videos.