Ring light effect, What is this ring light used for? What’s the ring light effect?

We can see that many anchors are using a ring lamp during live broadcasting. What is this lamp used for? What’s the ring light effect?


To understand this problem, we must first understand the effects of different light sources.

First of all, there is no light to illuminate the human face in the backlight state. The human face under the top light and the bottom light is simply too weird, so we usually don’t use these types of lights during live broadcasts. So now there are side lights and front lights. What are the effects of these two lights?

In the picture above, there is a side light hitting the right side of the ball. So the ball facing the light is bright, while the back ball is dark. We can judge that this is a three-dimensional convex sphere, rather than a flat circle, by the light and dark changes on the sphere. Such a ball is actually equivalent to a small acne on our face. As long as the light from the side hits over, we can immediately know, Ao, there is a bump on this smooth skin, which is an acne. So this small flaw on our face has been highlighted.

When we hit the light on the ball from the front, we can see that the ball is very close to a flat circle. Imagine, if this is a small acne on our face, will it be wiped out under the irradiation of positive light? So we see that when the anchors broadcast live, they put the ring light directly in front of their faces in order to create this positive light with its own beauty effect.