Folding microphone stand

We are a manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphones, and we also attach importance to folding microphone stand. A good folding microphone stand can help you make better use of the microphone. The multifunctional folding microphone stand is undoubtedly the first choice, it comes with all accessories.

Our folding microphone stand including the utility model comprises a plurality of microphone units in a strip shape, and the plurality of microphone units are connected side by side. Two adjacent microphone units are connected by a rotating component. The rotating component is arranged on the side of the microphone unit, and the end of the microphone unit is provided with a sound receiving part. The multiple microphone units are connected by rotating the assembly, so that the microphone has two states: unfolded and folded. When folded, it can be placed on a plane smoothly, freeing both hands. At the same time, the sound collection effect of the microphone is optimal. When not in use, it is relatively small and The shape is variable and convenient for storage; when unfolded, the maximum horizontal sound acquisition effect can be achieved.