RGB music ambient light

Quick Details
Model Number:W-08
Weight:0.12 kg
Special Feature:PORTABLE
LED quantity:32
Power supply:USB
Interface type:Type-C
Package:rhythm light *1+USB cable*1+base*1+Transparent sticker*1

【About this item】

【VISUALIZING YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC】RBG sound control light uses 32-color LED lamp beads, high-sensitivity microphone and noise reduction function, providing no less than 8 display modes, 4 levels of brightness and 5 levels of speed. Realize the dynamic expression of melody and rhythm.

【SOUND FIELD INDUCTION】Compared with the traditional voice-activated light light, this voice-activated light is equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor.The response is up to 0.08 seconds, the pickup is synchronized to the rhythm, dynamic spectrum, no delay, and jumps with the sound.

【WIRELESS CHARGING】The newly upgraded rhythm light of the voice-activated pickup can be fully charged without long plugging in (built-in lithium battery). The battery is fully charged, and the rhythm light can work for 2 hours. It is small in size, light in weight and very easy to carry. It is an indispensable product for home furnishing and car decoration. A great gift for friends and music lovers.
【USAGE METHOD】MODE/SPEED key: Short press to turn white-select mode; long press to turn red-select 5 speeds COLOR/BRIGHT key: Short press to turn white-select color; long press to turn green-select 4 levels of brightness Press two keys at the same time: Press at the same time to turn blue-to learn the environmental noise spectrum POWER key: Long press-switch key; Short Press-Display battery level.
【CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SERVICE】We provide professional customer service before and after purchase. If there is any issue with the rhythm light, please feel free to contact us.