Microphone not working windows 10,How to set up your USB Microphone

If you use Windows 7 or windows 10 operating system, when you connect the microphone to the computer and find that the microphone does not work, this article will be helpful to you.

Operation process

1.Check the microphone is connected to the computer properly.

2.Set the listening device , open the external playback to hear your own voice

Note:unplug the microphone and then insert it into the computer. If the current sound is generated,please open this interface and remove the square root.

3.Set the microphone volume

Generally set between 50 and 70, The volume is too high to generate bottom noise.

4.Set playback — speaker property

The higher the level, the louder the volume.

When you set up your microphone according to the process, the microphone is still not working windows 10.

Then the possible reasons are as follows,
1. There is a problem with the microphone itself and it is incompatible.
2. The computer lacks a driver.
3. There is a problem with the connecting wire.
4. There is a problem with the computer interface.