Recording microphone,What should I pay attention to when choosing a suitable recording microphone?

The recording microphone is a sound input device, you need to use the recording microphone when recording

If it is recording, it is recommended to use a condenser microphone.

Condenser microphones are currently the standard recording microphones in most recording studios in the world. The advantage is that the frequency range is wider, the sound is more delicate, and the recorded sound is particularly rich; the disadvantage is that it requires higher recording environment and is more expensive than dynamic microphones.

However, condenser microphones have become mainstream products in the recording, dubbing, and live broadcast industries, and have a very high market share.

Recommend this MK-F500 condenser microphone, which is a USB plug recording microphone, plug and play, no need to be equipped with a separate sound card condenser microphone.

The MK-F500 condenser microphone uses a large-diaphragm capsule, with fine sound quality and clear pickup. It is suitable for personal recording, musical instrument recording, karaoke, live broadcast and other occasions. The heart-shaped directivity can reduce the noise interference from the side and the rear, and better sound insulation.