Mobile Phone Holder, Free your hands,and photograph the perfect moment.

Mobile Phone Holder, Free your hands,and photograph the perfect moment.

Nowadays, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, mobile phones and tablets have become popular in a large area, and more and more people have become entertainment with mobile phones and tablets.

However, because there is no fixed fulcrum, watching TV and movies with your hands for a long time will easily cause spinal pain and cervical spondylosis.

зображенняThe emergence of this LP02 smart mobile phone holder liberates both hands, plays a supporting role, and avoids the damage to the body caused by playing the phone for a long time.

This mobile phone holder can be raised and lowered freely and adjusted to a very comfortable height. The triangular grip is firm and strengthened, and it is not easy to tip over.

This mobile phone holder can be folded and is easy to carry outdoors for selfies and live broadcasts. It can stretch the length, enlarge the field of view, let yourself into the lens, and experience ultra-wide-angle selfies.

360-degree AR, full-angle rotating phone holder, to achieve multi-angle shooting.

If you want to catch the best moment of you life with your families, friends, bluehorn wireless selfie mobile phone holder is your best choice,high quality,high sensitive remote controler,let you record every moment your want to remenber easily.Unfold the selfie stick, clip your cellphone, press the button,make your photogragh so easily.Bluetooth selfie phone holder is designed with easy telescoping, allowing you to hold in hand with comfortable grip, carry around for traveling and store it conveniently. However, it should be noted that when choosing a mobile phone holder, you must also choose a safe and non-toxic product. Many products made of inferior plastic pipes are not good for your health.